All About Metrics on ErgZone

To help athletes reach their goals, the ErgZone app calculates and displays over 15 different metrics.
All data can be viewed during Athletes can choose which information to view during and after each workout. 

The Workout Screen

When you click on the "Connect" button on a workout, the ErgZone app will display the "Workout Screen" screen.

Header (pink)

The 1st line of the table is the header; it displays the name of the metric. 
Click on the header to cycle through the metrics. 
Click on the X on the left to return to the workout listing.

Overall (blue)

The 2nd line of the table is the overall data. 
In the first column, from left to right, is a percentage (%). 
The app will update the percentage as you progress through the intervals/splits. 

Intervals/splits (green)

The 3rd and subsequent lines display the data for each interval/split. 
In the first column, the interval is displayed. Three intervals will always be displayed in portrait mode: previous, current, and next. In landscape mode, 13 (thirteen) intervals will be displayed. 

The ErgZone app will automatically scroll down the screen to display the current interval.

This screen can be displayed in portrait or landscape mode.

Available Metrics


As the name suggests, when selected, the Time column will display duration.

During a workout, the Time column will display slightly different data depending on whether the workout is set for "Time," "Distance" or "Calories"

Workout for time
3x 1:00 min ski - 0:30 seconds rest 

During the workout

Overall: displays the total time (does not include rest)
Intervals: displays the time remaining to finish the interval (does not include rest) 

After the workout has ended

Overall: displays the total time (does not include rest)
Intervals: displays the interval time (does not include rest) 

Workout for distance or calories

3x 100 meters ski - 0:30 seconds rest 
3x 10 cals - 0:30 seconds rest

During or after the workout has ended

Overall & Intervals: displays the total time (does not include rest)

Projected (Projected Time)

Available on workouts for distance and calories, it displays the projected time until the end of the interval and the workout, calculation is based on the current pacing. 

For more details, click here.

Elapsed (Elapsed Time)

Displays the total time including rest.

During a workout, the app displays a table with six metrics. By tapping on the table header, you can change which metric should be displayed. 

This video demonstrates how to cycle through the metrics on the workout screen. 

After a workout, ErgZone The same functionality is available after each workout, and you check the results. Click here to watch a demonstration.

The following list displays all available metrics ordered by which column will be shown in the above table. 

1st Column

2nd Column

  • Meters: distance

3rd Column

  • /500m (row or ski) or /1000m (bike): pace
  • Watts
  • Cals/hr

4th Column

    Strokes per minute for rowERG and skiERG
    Revolutions per minute for bikeERG

5th and 6th Column

  • Heart Rate icon
    BPM or HR% if Max HR is set
  • Heart Rate Zone
  • Count: 
    stroke count for skiERG and rowERG
    revolutions count for bikeERG
  • DF: drag factor
  • Cals: Calories
  • Watt: wattage
  • SPI: Stroke Power Index
  • Power Icon - Power percentage, calculated based on benchmarks (*)
  • FTP Power: Percentage of FTP, calculated based on benchmarks (*)
  • SPI Power: Percentage of SPI, calculated based on benchmarks (*)
  • Max (Power): maximum watts (*)
  • Drive: drive length is displayed in meters (*)
  • Force: average force is displayed in LB (pounds)  (*)
  • Peak: peak force (top of the power curve) in LB (pounds)
  • Ratio: work recovery ratio is displayed as a number with decimals. For example, a ratio equal to 2 means 2:1 (*)
  • w/kg: watts per kilo (*)
  • Curve: Force Curve (*) 
  • Force efficiency: ideal world it would be 100%, it will (beta) and only on Admin (*)

(*) Available for group owners and ErgZone+ members

(**) Available for group owners and ErgZone+ members on workouts where all intervals or splits are for distance.  

Drive Length 

Need more information about it? Check out this article by Concept2

Heart Rate Zones (colors)?

Colors represent Heart Rate Zones as follows:

  • Grey: Bellow 60%
  • Blue: 61-70%
  • Green: 71-80% green
  • Orange: 81-90% orange
  • Red: 91+ red

The rings' colors represent time spent in each zone and are ordered clockwise. 

The zone you spend the most time in is the one that starts at the 12-hour mark.   
While working out, your current zone will be displayed thicker (bold).

Can I customize my HR zones? 

Not yet, but we will add that option to the app soon. 

Can I see the HR average instead of the final HR when the interval ends? 

Not yet, but we will add that option to the app soon. 

Displaying HR% instead of BPM

ErgZone will only display BPM when a Max Heart Rate is not provided.

Updating Max Heart Rate:

  1. On the ErgZone app
  2. Go to "Settings" (gear icon on the top left of the ErgZone app)
  3. Scroll to the Heart Rate section and provide your MAX Heart Rate.

Note: Your HR% will be calculated considering the Heart Rate Reserve formula if you set Resting Heart Rate.

If you see HR% during your workouts, you have set Max Heart Rate on the app. 

Displaying HR instead of HR%

If you set MAX Heart Rate on Settings, ErgZone will display HR% instead of BPM. 

To make sure BPM is displayed, ensure MX Heart Rate is empty. 

Updating Max Heart Rate:

  1. On the ErgZone app
  2. Go to "Settings" (gear icon on the top left of the ErgZone app)
  3. Scroll to the Heart Rate section and provide your MAX Heart Rate.
  4. Remove the MAX Heart Rate data.

Don't use HRM? Hide the HR column 

  1. On the ErgZone app
  2. Go to Settings (gear icon on the top left of the ErgZone app) 
  3. Scroll to the Heart Rate section
  4. Toggle Display Heart Rate 

Projected Finish Time(*)

Projected finish time is available for workouts where all intervals/splits are for distance (meters). 

Press the “Time” column twice during the workout to see it.

The projected time displayed in the summary line (1st line) is the  total projected time
ErgZone also calculates the projected time  for each split, which is something the PM5 doesn’t show.
Projected Time display decimals (not available on the PM5) to give athletes more precision. 
This is a powerful tool for Time Trials, Ranking Pieces, Races, during Competitions, and remote coaching. 

*This metric is available for ErgZone Groups owner/premium members only and on workouts where all intervals/splits are for distance (meters).

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