ErgZone+ is a bundle of premium features on our platform, accessible through an in-app purchase on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Target Based on Power, FTP, or SPI

Configure the intensity of your intervals with percentages instead of pace. 

Percentages are based on watts and are more flexible for individuals at any fitness level than pace (/500m).

Do you prefer Functional Threshold Power (FTP) or Stroke Power Index (SPI)? Now you can. 

Visit the article Intensity Based on Power, FTP, or SPI to learn how to set intervals using any new options. 


ErgZone is the ONLY mobile app that allows coaches and athletes to program a custom MultiErg workout.

You can specify a different erg for each interval and connect to 2 or all 3 Concept2 ergs via Bluetooth: row, ski, and bike.

Visit the article Multierg to learn more.

ReRow, ReSki, ReRide

Want to redo a training session? 

Set your goals based on previous performances. 

You can choose intensity power from:

  • Overall average pace/watts 
  • intervals average pace/watts 

Rate from:

  •  overall average
  •  intervals average
  • original rate
  • open rate

Visit the article ReRow, ReSki, and ReRide to learn how it works. 

Additional Metrics 

  • Drive Length
  •  Max Power
  • Average Force
  • Peak Force
  • Recovery Ratio
  • w/kg 
  • FTP%
  • SPI%
  • Force Curve (only available for RowErg/SkiErg with PM5 v2 or higher):
    • Force Curve ∆1
    • Force Curve ∆5
  • Projected Time

Visit the article All About Metrics to learn more about each metric.

Dynamic Interval Intensity

Set an interval pace or power based on a previous interval.

Preferred Metrics

ErgZone+ will automatically remember and load the last metrics you used, so you don't need to tap the columns multiple times to find your favorite metrics.

Altogether, ErgZone has more than 20 metrics; it saves a lot of time when your preferred metrics are available to you workout after workout. ;) 

View more than 6 columns (metrics) while you row, ski, or bike

Set up to 10 columns for a phone and 14 for a tablet with ErgZone+.

This preference is saved on the device, allowing you to configure different settings for each device.

For example, 7 columns on the phone and 10 on a tablet. 

Visit the article here.

Apple Watch App

The ErgZone Watch app allows ErgZone+ members to:

  • View heart rate from their Apple Watch on the ErgZone app paired with the watch;
  • View heart rate from the Apple Watch on the PM5v2 or higher;
  • Stop the workout from the Apple Watch app; 
  • Control audio from the Apple Watch during a workout.

Learn more about it here.

Apple Health Integration

ErgZone+ will automatically track your workouts and save them to Apple Health.

Heart Rate data will be saved if through the Apple Watch Integration or a heart rate monitor (HRM) is connected directly to the PM5.

Create or Join Communities

It is ideal for sharing workouts with friends, cheering on their achievements, and enabling leaderboards for fun competitions. 

Learn more about communities here.


Create workouts that are not on an erg.

Learn more about the FIT(beta) feature here.

Time Cap & AMRAP 

Use AMRAP to repeat the intervals. It works great when you mix erg with other movements.

Set a Time Cap, and the app will stop the workout at a specific time (duration). 

Graph: Heart Rate & Power

After each training session, view a graph with your Heart Rate data (HR) & Power Zones (intensity) per interval/split, including rest periods. 

Web Admin

Manage workouts and training schedules on a computer with the Web Admin:

You can also use the Live Dashboard in the browser and display it on a big screen.

Learn more at ErgZone Web Admin here.


Rojabo is a third-party service that improves qualities that will make you row faster.

It offers tailored training programs for rowers who want to train smartly. Training programs for rowers who wish to improve or maintain their fitness level are designed to fit their everyday life with work, studies, family, training, and other necessary engagements. 

Learn more about how the integration works here.

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