ErgZone+ connects with Rojabo to give its members all the convenience of preloaded workouts, automatic pace calculations, and more. 

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About Rojabo 

Rojabo - Rowing Training Program Adapted to Your Fitness and Schedule

It offers tailored training programs for rowers who want to train smartly. 

Training programs for rowers who wish to improve or maintain their fitness level are designed to fit their everyday life with work, studies, family, training, and other necessary engagements. 

You pick when and often you can train, include a little background information, and Rojabo provides optimized workouts with appropriate intensities to help you get the most out of your training and row faster.

As your technique improves and you get in better shape, Rojabo asks you to complete monthly tests so that it can keep on fine-tuning the workouts to match your progress. 

How does it work? 

Once you connect to Rojabo, ErgZone will preload all your training sessions into a track called "Rojabo." 

ErgZone will check Rojabo daily for updates on your plan. 

Don't see your workouts?

When you open the ErgZone app, it will display the workouts for the current day. 

To navigate to another day: 

  1. Select the 4th filter on the top of the screen called "All Days." 
  2. Select "Weekly."
  3. Choose a date 

Still don't see it? 

  1. Check on the Rojabo Member website if any sessions are planned for the current day or week
  2. Disconnect and reconnect the integration.
  3. Contact us at support@erg,zone

How to connect to my Rojabo account? 

  1. Open the ErgZone app
  2. Go to Settings (gear icon on the top left of the ErgZone app)
  3. Scroll to the ErgZone+ section
  4. On the "Integrations" section, click to enable "Rojabo" 
  5. Click the button to "Allow" ErgZone to read your workouts information from Rojabo
    A message box indicates the Rojabo integration has been enabled
  6. Click on the "View Track" link or click to close the Settings screen
  7. Find the Rojabo Track on the "Workouts" screen 

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