Live Dashboard Overview

During a workout, the data from the PM5 monitor can be visualized on ErgZone Live Dashboard in real time. 

This is a powerful tool that enables athletes to:

  • join another athlete during a workout
  • race other members of the group
  • share their live performance with coaches and group members
  • display their live data on a secondary device such as a monitor, TV, or projector 

For coaches, studios, gyms, and clubs

Live Dashboard can increase engagement, improve coaching, and allow coaches to simultaneously follow one or more athletes' PM5 data.

ErgZone Live Dashboard at Studios 

Our friends from ErgFit use ErgZone and the Live Dashboard for all their in-studio classes. 

They offer classes with the Concept2 RowErg, BikeErg & SkiErg types integrated with low-impact strength training.


Our friend from Live2Row uses ErgZone and the Live Dashboard at all their indoor rowing classes and camps. 

Live2Row offers in-studio and virtual classes. ErgZone Live Dashboard allows their coaches to follow everyone's data.

Row, ski, or bike with other users

ErgZone Live Dashboard allows users to workout together and view each other's progress. 

Check our ErgZone Youtube channels with some videos of our Live Dashboard here:

Enable Live 

Users can enable/disable the Live Mode at the beginning of the workout.

When disabled, the ErgZone app will not send real-time data to the servers meaning coaches and other group members will NOT be able to view their data as they workout. 

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