Groups: Overview

What are groups used for? 

Groups are used to share workouts and performance data among members. 

Who can create a group on ErgZone? 

Anybody can own a group on ErgZone.

Are groups free?

No. The group's owner is responsible for paying for everyone's access to the group. 

How much is a group on ErgZone? 

Pricing is calculated based on the number of members that have had access to the group during the billing cycle.

ErgZone offers 2 options when signing up for a group: Monthly and Annual. 

ErgZone uses a tiered pricing system. Pricing can be found here:

What if I don't want to pay for everyone's access to the group? 

We understand sometimes users of our platform want to share workouts with others without the responsibility of paying for everyone's access. For that, we recommend Communities.  

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