Groups: How To Create a Group?

It takes only a few minutes to start your first Group on ErgZone. 

Thinks to know:

  • Groups is a paid product on ErgZone.
  • ErgZone uses Stripe for payment. 
  • Group owners are considered ErgZone+ members—no extra charges. 
    • Athletes added to a group are not considered ErgZone+ members. They are not required to be an ErgZone+ member to use the groups. 

      Each individual can start an ErgZone+ membership with an in-app purchase on the ErgZone app. 

  • Group owners can cancel their Group subscription at any time - no contracts. Access to the group is valid until the end of the paid billing cycle. 

Create Your First Group

  1. Visit ErgZone Web Admin
  2. Sign in with your Logbook account.
  3. On the Menu, click on the "Billing" tab.
  4. Select a Tier based on the number of users;

  5. Select your payment option: Monthly or Annual

  6. Provide your billing information.

  7. Click on the "Subscribe" button.
  8. A group will automatically be created for you.

You can manage your group from the ErgZone Web Admin or inside the ErgZone app. 

Next Steps

Manage Your Group

Once you have the group set, we suggest you visit the article Managing a Group to learn how to set preferences, upload a logo, and manage group members. 

Invite Members to the Group

Send the group's link to members.

Approve Requests to Join the Group

Group admins can accept or reject requests to join the group on the ErgZone app or the ErgZone Web Admin. Visit Approve/Reject Requests to learn how it works.

Additional Groups?

Do you need additional groups? Email, and our team will do it for you. 
Additional groups are used when you need to segment your members.
You may have multiple groups on our system at no extra charge. 
ErgZone Groups pricing is calculated based on the number of members, not groups. 

Coaching 1:1

For 1:1 coaching, we recommend 1 group per athlete. 


You may have 1 or more groups to use as templates. 

You can copy your most used training sessions to other groups when needed. 

ErgZone+ Features 

ErgZone Groups Subscribers are automatically granted access to the ErgZone+ features

However, athletes added to your groups are not. 

To unlock ErgZone+ features, each athlete must subscribe to ErgZone+ in-app purchases from their ErgZone app. 

Want to unlock ErgZone+ for all your clients on ErgZone? 

Please email, and we will talk about the costs. 

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