Organizers: Competitions Overview

Organizing and managing a virtual competition requires much time from organizers, but ErgZone has many features that make it simple.

Currently, ErgZone can host a virtual competition with one or more of the following machines by Concept2

  • RowErg
  • BikeErg
  • SkiErg

In this article, we list some of those features. 

Ready to set up a new competition?  
Go to How to Setup a Competition on ErgZone? to learn what you have to do to get started. 

ErgZone App

One of the biggest and coolest things an event organizer can offer its participants is the ErgZone app's benefits. Here is the list: 

Set PM5 with the correct workout

During a virtual competition, there is a lot of pressure on the organizers to provide all details on how the workout should be programmed on the Concept2 Performance Monitor (PM), and an added stress to athletes in making sure they program the PM correctly when they are ready to start the session. 

The fact that the ErgZone app will set up the PM5 with the workout intervals is a huge benefit to be offered to participants.

ErgZone Live Dashboard

Two or more athletes participating in the competition can take advantage of the ErgZone Live Dashboard and schedule to perform a given event together, turning it into a fun "race." All they need to do is coordinate a date/time, start the workout through the ErgZone app and click on the "Live" button on the screen and they will be able to see everyone doing the same workout at that time. 

Automatic Leaderboard Update

When an athlete uses the ErgZone app to perform a workout, the leaderboard is automatically updated after completing the session for the first time. 

Athletes may redo the same event (workout) multiple times and choose which performance should be considered for the leaderboard. 

For event organizers, automatic leaderboard updates save a lot of time as it will not be necessary to validate scores manually.

Leaderboards are based on point systems. 

If an athlete gets 1st place, then they get 1 point. 2nd place gets 2 points, and so on. Athletes with more minor points are on the top of the leaderboard. 

Once the competition has ended, a trophy for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places will be displayed for the top 3 positions. 

Multiple Scores with Dynamic Scoring Options 

An event can have up to 4 scoring options giving the organizers flexibility to make the competition interesting. 

Scoring Types are: 

  • Overall 
  • Per Interval - a list of intervals will be displayed. 


  • Distance
  • Time
  • Best interval
  • Worst interval 
  • Pace. 

Rate Cap Score Validation

Workouts can have a rate cap per interval of your choosing. 

If an athlete finishes the workout above the rate cap, the workout will be invalid and won't be used on the leaderboard. 

For example, the workout must be completed at 20 SPM or less. If the athlete goes above 20 SPM, the workout will be invalid and not accounted on the Leaderboard. 

Seamless Registration Process

Athletes can sign up for the competition through the ErgZone mobile app or a link on the ErgZone website similar to this page

There are no long forms to be filled out during the registration process. YAY!

Athletes authenticate with their Concept2 Logbook account.
ErgZone can collect the athlete's name, email, gender, age, and country from their Logbook account, making the registration process very simple and fast.

If necessary, additional information can be captured during their registration process.


Manual score reports for PM4/3/2 

Athletes using a Concept2 erg not equipped with a PM5 or choosing not to use the ErgZone app during the workout can report scores on the ErgZone mobile app. 

One or more screenshots of the PM memory screen will be required to submit the result. 

Scores will be displayed on the leaderboard after a competition's organizer approves the reported score. The number of screenshots will automatically be determined by the ErgZone app based on how many intervals the workout has. 

Manual Results will be marked as pending until an event organizer approves the score

Fees, Payout, and Payment Methods 

Visit How much ErgZone charges to host competitions? to know how ErgZone calculates fees for competitions. 

Past Competitions

ErgZone has hosted the following competitions during 2021: Row Battles, ERGCOMP and Erg Clash

You can access past competitions' leaderboards on the ErgZone app. 

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