Organizers: Create Workouts

To manage workouts for the competition, follow these steps:

  • Visit ErgZone Web Admin
  • On the menu, click to expand the "Comps" section.
  • Select the competition
  • Click on the "Workouts" Tab

Adding a Workout 


Select the date the workout will be released. 

This data is ONLY used to order the workouts on the app. 

It will not publish the workout automatically.

Organizers are expected to release the workout manually at the correct time. 

Need it to be automatic? Send an email to with the correct dates, and we will make it happen. 


Determine whether the workout is visible to non-admins or performed.

Draft: When set as "draft," the workout is not visible to anyone other than competition organizers.

Keep the workout as a draft until the workout is officially released to the public. 

Published: When set to "Published," the workout is listed on the app for every participant to view and perform. 

Athletes can view the details, start the workout, and report scores. 

Locked: When set to "Locked", the workout is listed but cannot be performed. 

Set the workout locked when the deadline to complete the workout has been met. 

Athletes will be able to see the workout details but can't report scores. 

Note: ErgZone will not publish or lock workouts automatically. It needs to be done manually.

If you want to have it done automatically, let us know. 

Controlled Race: This option will enable the race organizer to control when the race starts by syncing everyone's countdown. Learn more about how it works in the Schedule a Live Race article.


PM5 allows up to 50 intervals per workout. 

Interval Type & Target 

Intervals can be set as: 

  • Time
  • Distance
  • Cals (calories).


Provide SPM/RPM if the intervals have a rate cap.

When present, athletes MUST complete the interval at or under the rate provided. Otherwise, the workout will be invalid and won't be used for the leaderboard.

For example, if interval SPM is set to 24 and the athlete finishes it with an average of 25, the score will not be valid, and the workout needs to be redone. 

When no SPM/RPM is present, the athlete may complete the interval at any rate. 


Provide rest in "minutes: seconds" format, such as 1:30, 2:00, etc. 

If it is up to the athlete to determine the rest, check the option "undefined." 

Note: PM5 will only accept rest under 10 minutes.


Enable intensity if you want to specify a target pace, watts, SPI% or FTP%. 


Notes will be displayed on the app at the beginning of the interval for 15 seconds.

Multiple Scores with Dynamic Scoring Options 

A competition workout can have up to 4 scoring options giving the organizers flexibility to make the competition interesting. 

Scoring Types are: 

  • Overall 
  • Per Interval - a list of intervals will be displayed. 


  • Distance
  • Time
  • Best interval
  • Worst interval 
  • Pace. 

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