Rolling Start Check

ErgZone continuously monitors for rolling starts in intervals and includes an indicator (a small circle) on the interval numbers displayed, like the one shown in interval 2 in the screenshot below.

Workout Screen: Rolling Start indicator on Interval 2
Workout Screen: Rolling Start indicator on Interval 2

What is a rolling start?

A rolling start occurs when an athlete is already in motion as the interval begins or when the flywheel is still accelerating from the rest period.

How can I use that information?

During a training session, knowing when an interval had a rolling start can be helpful to know if there was a build into that interval.

This information serves solely for reference purposes and does not alter any calculations performed by the app.

Competition Organizers

For competition organizers, you can now enforce a "No rolling start" for one or more intervals, and the ErgZone app will invalidate the score if a rolling start is detected like the on the image below.

Workout Result Screen: Rolling Start Indicator on Interval 2

Why is it relevant?

A rolling start can mean that the athlete has already reached a particular intensity level (pace/watts) at the interval's beginning, potentially leading to a considerably faster average pace (or watts) for that interval than it would be if the interval started from a dead start.

How does the check work?

ErgZone uses information the PM5 provides the app to decide if the interval had a rolling start.

Such information is not visible on the PM5 screen. 

How to avoid a rolling start?

  • Stop working during rest at least 15 seconds before the beginning of the next interval.
  • Wait for the next round to start on the PM5.  If your first stroke starts before that, it will be considered a rolling start. 
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