Dynamic Interval Intensity

Some workouts call for an adjustment in pace or power between intervals based on your performance in previous intervals. ErgZone offers users a unique solution: the ability to set up workouts that dynamically calculate the pace for each interval based on your actual average pace rather than a static suggested pace.

This feature allows you to tailor the workout, ensuring that each interval is optimized according to performance. Whether you need to increase or decrease Intensity, ErgZone provides the flexibility to adapt in real-time.

Example Workout:


Rest 1 minute between intervals.

Start at a challenging pace and increase the pace at each interval by 2 seconds.

Let's say you start the workout at 2:00 min/500m; your paces should be as follows:

  • Interval 1: Start at 2:00 min/500m
  • Interval 2: Increase to 1:58 min/500m
  • Interval 3: Increase to 1:56 min/500m
  • Interval 4: Increase to 1:54 min/500m

Let's walk through setting up that workout on ErgZone that aligns with the described interval-based pace increase.

  1. Setting Up the Workout:
    • Open ErgZone and navigate to the workout creation screen.
    • Select the workout type (in this case, a distance-based interval workout).
    • Enter the workout details: 4 intervals of 500 meters each, with a 1-minute rest between intervals.
  2. Customizing Interval Pacing:
    1. Add the first interval: set 500m and 1 minute rest
    2. On the next interval, enable Intensity.
      1. Select "Interval,"
      2. Select the interval it should be based on
      3. Choose between pace or power
      4. Provide the increase or decrease

  3. Repeat step 2 for all intervals.
  4. Click "Save."

    The following screenshot demonstrates what the final workout looks like.

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