How to sell on ErgZone?

Coaches, gym and studios can sell content to athletes directly from ErgZone's platform. 
Products you can sell on ErgZone are:


ErgZone doesn't set the price for the content sold on the platform, this is decided by the coach/business.
If you already sell the content on your own website or platform, we suggest you use the same price on ErgZone to make it attractive to athletes.


ErgZone uses Stripe to process payments.
During the setup process, our team will start a connected account for you/your business on Stripe and send you a link to provide your banking account information.
Payouts are processed at the beginning of every month by Stripe. 


Stripe manages the fees and process it directly. Meaning, ErgZone does not have access to your money. ;) 
Here is the breakdown on how the amount paid by the athlete is split by Stripe: 

  • ErgZone: 15% 
  • Stripe: 3-5%
  • Yours: 80-82% (sent by Stripe to your banking account)

Getting Started

Send the following information by email to and our team will get you set: 

  • Country your bank is located. Only required for the first product setup. 
  • Title 
  • Plan duration (in weeks). Required only for Training Plans
  • Logo (200x200) **
  • Banner (600x200) *
  • Price (in US$) 

* Banner image is used on our catalog, a.k.a Discover page. 
** Logo is used on the app and is displayed as follows:

Setting Details

After our team notifies you the product has been create you will be able to set descriptions about the product and start adding workouts. 

  1. Visit ErgZone Web Admin
  2. On left the Menu, select the product 
  3. Click on "Details" tab
  4. Provide:
    1. Public Description
      This information will be visible on ErgZone website and ErgZone app. 
      Use this field to describe your plan to potential clients. 
      Provide any information that will help athletes decide if this is the product they are looking for.
    2. Private Description
      This information will be visible only to athletes that bought this content on ErgZone. 
      Use this field to provide all the information athletes should know about how to use the plan.

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