How To Sell on ErgZone?

For coaches, gyms, and studios, ErgZone offers a platform to sell content to athletes, such as Training Plans, Libraries, and Monthly Memberships.


The coach or business sets the price of each product sold on our platform.

If you already sell the same content on your website or platform, we suggest you use the same price on ErgZone to make it attractive to athletes.


Stripe manages the fees and processes them directly.

Below is the breakdown of how Stripe splits the amount: 

  • ErgZone: 15% (or a minimun of US$3)
  • Stripe: 3-5%
  • Coach: Remaining amount


ErgZone uses Stripe to process payments.

During the setup process, you will receive from our team a link to create a connected account for you or your business on Stripe, where you will be required to provide a banking account and extra information, depending on our location.

Payouts are processed at the beginning of every month by Stripe. 

Getting Started

Send the following information by email to, and our team will get you set: 

  • Country where your banking is located.
  • Product Title 
  • Plan duration (in weeks). Required for Training Plans only. 
  • Product Price (in US$) 

Once your account is set on Stripe, our team will notify you where you can load the content and update each product's logo, banner, and description.

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