How To Sell on ErgZone?

ErgZone Marketplace is a platform where coaches, gyms, and studios can sell content to athletes, such as training plans, libraries, monthly memberships, and host competitions or challenges.


The coach or business determines the pricing of each product sold on our platform.

If you already offer the same content on your website or platform, we recommend keeping the price the same on ErgZone to boost its appeal to athletes.


The ErgZone Marketplace utilizes Stripe to process payments and fees.

Outlined below is the distribution of funds managed by Stripe:

  • ErgZone: 15% (or a minimum of US$3)
  • Stripe: 3-5%
  • Coach: Receives the remaining balance


ErgZone utilizes Stripe for payment processing purposes.

When you start the process, our team will send you a link to help you create a connected account on Stripe for yourself or your business. To set up this account, you'll need to provide your banking details and some extra information, tailored to your specific location.

Stripe sends payouts at the beginning of each month.

Getting Started

Send the following information via email to, and our team will assist you promptly: 

  • Country where your bank is located.
  • Product Title
  • Plan duration (in weeks). This information is mandatory for Training Plans only.
  • Product Price (in US$)

Once your account is established on Stripe, our team will inform you of the location where you can upload the content and make changes to each product's logo, banner, and description.

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