Sell a Library (Collection of Workouts)

A Library is a set of workouts displayed in alphanumerical order. 
Athletes aren't required to follow an order and can pick and choose which workout to perform and when. 

Athletes pay for a library once and redo the workouts as often as they wish. 

We have the option to enable "Manual Results" on Libraries. 

With Manual Results enabled, athletes may use the app connected to the PM5 monitor during the workout or program it manually on the machine and report their results manually on the ErgZone app. We have added the "Manual Result" option for athletes that don't have access to a machine equipped with a PM5 monitor

Any athlete can use the ErgZone app to keep track of their data, even the ones that do not own a Concept2 machine. Please let our team know if you want to enable that option for your library.

How to start a Library? 

Visit How to sell on ErgZone? to learn what information we require to get you started. 

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