How can I offer a discount on my products?

We can create a coupon code to be used at the time of checkout or a special link with the discount already applied on the total price of the product. 

What do I need to do? 

Email with the following information:

  • Plan/library/group you want to offer the discount
  • Start and - end date of the promotion
  • Pricing or Discount Percentage 

Things to know

We require a minimum charge of 20% of the total price to cover ErgZone and Stripe fees.
ErgZone will readjust the percentages to cover the above mentioned fees. Example: 

Super Awesome Training Plan 
Full price         = $50
ErgZone's fee = $7.50
Stripe's fee      = $2.50
Your amount    = $40

If you want to offer a discount of 30%
Price charged is $35
Discounting  ErgZone ($7.50) + Stripe ($2.50) 
The amount paid to you  = $25 

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