Sell Training Plans

A Training Plan is a structured set of workouts organized by week.
Athletes pay for a training plan once and may restart or redo the plan as many times as they wish. 
Examples of training plans are 2k Plan, 5k Plan, Sprints, Half Marathon, etc. 


ErgZone keeps track of athletes' performances throughout the training plan and provides summaries to help athletes (and coaches) gauge their progress. 

Athletes may use the app connected to the PM5 monitor during the workout or program it manually on the machine and report their results manually on ErgZone app.
We have added the "Manual Result" option for athletes that don't have access to a machine equipped with a PM5 monitor. This means any athlete could use a Training Plan on ErgZone app to keep track of their data, even the ones that does not own a Concept2 machine. 

The screenshots below demonstrates how training plans are displayed for athletes along with how the screen changes as athletes work their way through it. 

How to start a Training Plan? 

Visit How to sell on ErgZone? to learn what information we require to get you started. 

Adding workouts to a training plan

The following information is presented during the workout creation:

WeekSelect the week the workout belongs to.

A dropdown will be provided from 1 - number of weeks for the training plan

Day: Select the day (1-7).
If your training plan requires athlete to take a rest day in a specific day, you can skip that day when adding the workouts. 

For example:
Day 1 - Workout 1
Day 2 - Rest 
Day 3 - Workout 2

When looking at the schedule user will see: 
Day 1 - Workout 1 
Day 3 - Workout 2 

Optional: Check this option if this workout is optional. 
Optional workouts will not interfere with the progress calculation even if athlete does not perform the session. 

Workout type: Select erg type

Title: Provide a title. 
If more than one workout is specified for a given day, know that the workout will be ordered alphanumerically. 


DescriptionUse this field to describe the workout. Make sure to add any information important about the session. 

Interval: Provide intervals

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