23/10/05: New Feature: Rolling Start Check

NEW: Rolling Start Check

At ErgZone HQ, innovation is always on our minds as we strive to enhance the value of our platform.

While planning the ErgZone Challenge #6, we had a great idea. We thought it would be pretty cool if the app could validate a rolling start, so we made it happen!

Now, the ErgZone app continuously keeps an eye out for rolling starts at the beginning of intervals and adds an indicator (a small circle) to the interval numbers, just like the ones you see on interval 2 in the images on this post.

A rolling start occurs when an athlete is already in motion as the interval begins or when the flywheel is still accelerating after a rest period.

While this information is primarily for reference during training, knowing if there was a rolling start before an interval can be quite valuable. This could mean that the athlete had already reached a specific intensity level (pace/watts) at the interval's beginning, potentially resulting in a significantly faster average pace (or watts) for that interval compared to a dead start.

For competitions, coaches and organizers can enforce a “no rolling start” for one or more intervals, and the app will invalidate the score if that condition isn’t met.

ErgZone is the only app that offers this unique feature, utilizing information provided by PM5 that isn't displayed on its screen.

We're dedicated to providing you with the best tools for your workouts. We hope you enjoy it! 💪

Learn more about Rolling Start Check here: https://help.erg.zone/article/268-rolling-start-check.

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