What is the cost to host a competition?

ErgZone integrates with Stripe, which is secure and reliable. Stripe accepts credit/debit cards, Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Note: ErgZone does not have access to or store any payment method information. 

ErgZone does not charge to set up a competition. 

Fees are applied per registration as described below.  

Fees and Payouts


Fees for hosting a competition on ErgZone:

  • 15% ErgZone 
  • 5% Stripe

Stripe manages the payouts and will pay organizers directly. 

During the setup process, if this is your first time selling on ErgZone, we will send you a link to create an Express Account on the payment platform Stripe to receive payments. 

You will provide details of your individual/business banking account information on that link. 

If your account is in the US, you may be required to complete additional information for tax purposes. 


Payout will be scheduled for a couple of days after registration ends. 

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