How do I create a workout?

On ErgZone App

  1. Click on the "Workouts" icon on the bottom left of the screen
  2. Click on the (+) plus icon on the top right of the screen
  3. Add Title, Description, and intervals
  4. Click "Save."

Available Fields 

The following section describes all the fields available when creating/editing a workout. 


Choose a specific date when the workout should be performed.
By default, the app will populate the current date on that field. 


Required field. 
The title is used to identify the workout. 


While the description is an optional field, we strongly recommend using this field to give athletes all the details necessary to perform the session.


Use labels to help categorize workouts. 

Labels can have their categories: movement, equipment, event, intensity, and others. 

Adding Intervals/Splits

ErgZone's user interface doesn't differentiate intervals from splits. The distinction is done when ErgZone processes and set the workout on the PM5. 

It will set:

  • intervals: when one or more rest is present in the workout and duration (distance/time) in each segment, are not the same. 
  • splits, when no rests are present and all segments are the same distance/time or only the last segment is shorter than all others. 
    To make sure you set a workout with splits, visit Ranking Workouts on Concept2 Logbook website.


If a specific rate is specified, the ErgZone app will display indicators to let the athlete know if the average rate for the interval is above or under the specified rate. For additional details, visit the rate section in this article.


A pace can be specified for each interval/split. 

To provide a pace: 

  1. Click on the "Target Pace" toggle to enable pace 
  2. Click on the benchmark (500m, 1k, 2k, and 5k) and select one 
  3. Provide a reference (or use the slider) of pace in seconds /500m. 

For example: If the pace is 2k+10. Provide +10 

It can be: 

  • positive +10 or negative -10
  • decimals +10. or -10.1

ErgZone will display the pace and watts during the interval creation based on your benchmark as a reference. 

If you don't see the calculated pace, set it to " Settings." 

If other athletes perform this workout the pace will be calculated based on their benchmarks.

Available benchmarks: 
For rowERG and skiERG are 500m, 1k, 2k, and 5k.
For bikeERG are 1k, 2k, 4k, and 10k. 

ErgZone will calculate the pace during the workout and display an indicator to let the athlete know when they are above/under the pace. 


Provide rest time in mm:ss format. 
Rest is optional.
Note that PM5 only allows rest to be 10 minutes or shorter. 

Undefined Rest

Use undefined rest for cases where you don't know how long it will be.
- when interval calls for a full recovery
- when an interval calls for a specific Heart Rate before moving to the next interval
- when mixing other exercises like 10 squats before moving to the next interval

Interval Notes

Add a note for an interval to provide important information about the interval.
At the beginning of the interval, the note will be displayed for 15 seconds. 

Rest Notes

Those are similar to interval notes with the distinction that they will be displayed when the rest starts and will stay visible throughout the rest. 

This can add important information about the rest, for example, hydrate, perform ten air squats, etc.

Move intervals up and down

  1. Select one or more intervals to be moved
  2. Click "Move Up" or "Move Down." 

Group Owners

If you are a group owner, you have unlocked extra features on the app and will see the following fields and those mentioned above.


The published workout is visible to everyone in the group
Draft workout is visible only to group admins
Locked: everyone in the group can see the workout, but athletes cannot click to start it. This is used for events and competitions where the group admin wants users to view the workout but can't perform it. 


Enable the leaderboard to any workout. 
This is a fun way to create a little competition within the group.
Leaderboards on workouts are very flexible; visit the article All About Leaderboards for more details.

Time Cap

Specify a time limit for the workout, and the ErgZone app will automatically end the workout when the time is reached.


Have a set of intervals that should be repeated until met criteria, for example, reaches the Time Cap? 
Enable AMRAP and add the interval(s), and ErgZone will repeat it until the time is reached. 

FIT Workouts

Are used when no erg is used for the workout. Example: weightlifting, Crossfit like workouts, and such.

Visit the article FIT Workouts to learn all about it. 

Ranking Workouts on Concept2 Logbook website 

Concept2 has a ranking for certain distances and meters on the Logbook website. 

To be a valid ranking workout on the Logbook, the workout needs to be set on the PM5 as a single interval with no rests.

ErgZone allows users to create such workouts and divide the workout into splits. That way, athletes can manage their pace and reach their goals. 

Here is how to do it: 

  1. Create the workout to the distance or time you want. For example, 5k (5000 meters)
  2. Click on the "Splits" button
  3. Type the split size or use the slider to pick the distance. 
  4. Click "Done" to confirm 
  5. Click "Save" to save the workout 


ErgZone configures PM5 as a single distance or single-time workout when: 

  • there are no rests 
  • all intervals are the same size, or all intervals are the same except the last one, which has to be shorter than the others. 

ErgZone has a group (track) with all loaded rankings; make sure you join it

In case of doubt, contact us at, and our team will make sure your workout is set correctly. 

To learn more about Concept2's Rankings, refer to this page:

Can I set the rate (SPM/RPM) for an interval?

When creating a workout, you can specify the target rate per interval/split, and the ErgZone app will display that information during the training and let you know if you are above/below target. 

Provide the rate on the input text label RPM (on bikeErg workout) and SPM (on skiErg and rowErg workouts), or use the slider to go up/down. 

Can I set heart rate targets for an interval? 

The ErgZone app does not have a specific place to set a Heart Rate range for an interval/split. 

You can add a note for the interval(s) with the targets to help you remember what the targets are.

Interval notes will be displayed for 15 seconds at the beginning of each interval/split.

Then, you watch the HR% on ErgZone to ensure you are in the correct range. 

Interval creation

How to add a warmup/cool down to a workout?

An interval could be added to the main workout at the beginning (for warmup) and the end (for cooldown), but this will change the total time, distance and average pace, watts, etc., for that training session. 

Instead, we suggest creating one or more workouts for warm-up or cool down that could be reused any time and  bookmark it. 

A bookmarked workout will always be displayed at the top of the screen on the collapse section called " Bookmarks", making it easy to access before or after every workout. 

Learn how to Bookmark a workout here

Can I Just Row, Just Ski, or Just Bike with ErgZone?

At this moment, ErgZone only captures data from the PM5 when it sets the workout on it. 

To achieve a similar result as a "Just Row", "Just Ski", or "Just Bike" type of session, we suggest: 

  1. Create a long workout on ErgZone, for example, one hour, and use that workout every you want to just row, ski, or bike for an undetermined time or distance. 
  2. Bookmark the workout to make it easy to find any time. 

How to bookmark a workout?

  1. Click on the three dots on the workout to be bookmarked
  2. Click "Add Bookmark" 
  3. Done.

All bookmarked workouts will be on the top of the screen inside the "Bookmarks" section.

How to remove a bookmark?

  1. Click on the three dots on the bookmarked workout
  2. Click "Remove Bookmark" 
  3. Done.

When all bookmarked workouts are removed, the "Bookmarks" section disappears.

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