Firmware Update Notices


On October 10, 2023, Concept2 released a firmware update.

Before you run to update your PM5, we want to bring your attention to some changes that affect how you typically program your workouts.

Starting immediately, the PM5 is now enforcing minimum split sizes for apps, which are as follows:

- 20 seconds

- 100 meters

- 5 calories

To adhere to these new regulations, ErgZone will no longer permit users to create intervals or splits shorter than the specified minimums mentioned above. For any older workouts with intervals shorter than what's now allowed, the PM5 will not program the workout and will instead display an error message.

To help you identify these affected workouts, a warning message will appear on the workout card.

We understand that this adjustment may not be ideal for everyone, but currently, there's no way to bypass these changes.

At ErgZone, we understand there is a huge benefit in programming shorter than the allowed split sizes, and we will work on a solution to this new regulation.

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