How to manage a group?

This article describes how to manage group information, preferences, and members. 

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Change the group's logo

Change groups' details

Join a group.

Approve requests

Update groups' information

Group owners and admins can access the ErgZone Web Admin to update the following information: 

  • Name(**)
  • Description
    Public Description(**)
    Use this field to explain what your group is about. This information is public and available to everyone before they join the group. 

    Private Description
    Use this field to describe information that only group members should know. 
  • Visibility
    If enabled, the group will be listed on the search screen inside the ErgZone Discover screen 
  • Requires approval to join 
    If enabled, a new member's request to join will be pending until a group admin approves the request. Click here to learn how to approve a request to join your group.
  • Workout Stats
    If enabled, the groups will display workout stats for each workout. Click here to learn more about it.
Information about a group can be updated on ErgZone Web Admin. 
Here is how to get there: 
  1. Go to ErgZone Web Admin
  2. Find and click on the group's name on the menu (left side) 
  3.  Select the "Details" tab
  4. Click on the group's name or description to edit it. 
    Note: field is autosaved when you click out of it. 
  5. Enable or Disable Visible on Search; requires approval to join and Workout Stats.
  6. To update the logo and banner, scroll down and select "Upload Logo" or "Upload Banner." 

There are two ways someone can join a group: 

  1. Athletes request to join the group on the ErgZone app
  2. Athletes request to join the group through the group's  URL 
  3. The group admin adds an athlete to the group

1. Athletes request to join the group on the ErgZone App

An athlete can request to join the group by using searching the group inside the ErgZone app: 

  1. Open the ErgZone app 
  2. Click on the Discover button at the bottom of the screen  

  3. Type the group name on the search bar 
  4. Click "Request to Join." 

The group URL can be found on the "Details" tab on ErgZone Web Admin. 

Note: unless the group is set to "automatically approve new members requests," an admin must manually approve the request. 

2. Athletes request to join the group through the group's URL

Every group has a unique URL that athletes can use to request access. 

The following step-by-step describes where the group admin can find the URL and share it with clients, friends, and members: 

  1. Visit ErgZone Web Admin
  2. Find and click on the group's name on the menu (left side) 
  3. Click on the " Details" tab
  4. Share the URL displayed on the Temporary Link.  Don't see the temporary link? Please email us at and let us know. 

3. Group admin adds an athlete to the group

  1. Go to ErgZone Web Admin
  2. Select the group on the Menu
  3. Click on the "Users" tab
  4. Type the athlete's info: username, Logbook ID, or email.
    Note: Please provide the exact information. ErgZone will not suggest users based on a partially provided username, email, or Logbook ID to protect athletes' privacy. 
  5. Click on the plus icon (+)
  6. Click on the "Grant Access" button 

How to approve an athlete's request to join my group?

There are two ways a group admin can approve/reject a request to join their group.

On the ErgZone Web Admin:

  1. Visit
  2. Sign in with your logbook account 
  3. Find the group on the Menu on the left 
  4. Click on the "Users" tab
  5. Requests will be listed at the top of the user's list 
  6. Click on:
    1. To reject the request, click on:
    2. To approve the request, click on: 
  7. When you select an option, the app will 
Are you sure you want to grant access to 'Han Solo'?

On the ErgZone app:

  1. Open the ErgZone app
  2. Go to the "Discover" screen (globe icon on the bottom of the screen)
  3. Expand the "Admin" section 
  4. Click on the "Members" button
  5. Click on:
    1. To reject the request, click on the following:

    2. To approve the request, click on the following: 

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