Groups: Workout Results Page

Group admins can view a list of workout results and rearrange the data displayed to fit their needs.

How to view all workout results

  1. Visit ErgZone Web Admin
  2. Sign in with your Logbook account
  3. Choose the Group on the Menu 
  4. Click on the "Workouts" tab
  5. Click on the workout 

  6. A list of results will be displayed. 

Reordering the data 

The list can be ordered ascending and descending by Name, Date, Time, Distance, and Pace. 

Click on any of those headers to reorder it.

Listing extra data 

Click on the "Change Metrics" buttons to add, remove and reorder what and how the data is listed. 

Note: Name, Date, Time, and Distance are always displayed in that order and can't be removed. 

Displaying Intervals 

Enable the "Expand all" toggle to view detailed information about each result.

Download CSV

Click on the "Download CSV" button to download a file containing the data as it is displayed on the screen. 

Note: if you want to include the splits on the CSV file, enable the "Expand all" option as described above. 

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