Connecting to PM5

Connecting to PM5

ErgZone uses Bluetooth technology to connect to PM5.

Older Performance Monitors versions (PM3/PM4) do not work with ErgZone because it does not have Bluetooth (even if you have the USB cable).

How to connect?

On the PM5:

  1. Turn "Menu" to turn it on
  2. Click "Connect"

On the  ErgZone app:

  1. Open the ErgZone app
  2. Find the workout you want to start
  3. Click "Connect"

  4. Click "Scan For PM5"

  5. Click "Connect"
  6. Wait for the message to start: "Row to Start", "Pull to Start," or "Pedal to Start."

Note: the first time you connect will take a little longer. 
If you wait more than 40 seconds without success, check the session Experiencing problems connecting?

Does the app connect with PM3 or PM4?


ErgZone app connects to PM via Bluetooth only, and PM3 and PM4 don't have Bluetooth. 

We suggest an upgrade to a PM5 as it will have a lot more data available along with Bluetooth. The new Retrofit kit comes with the PM5 + phone/tablet holder. 

Visit to find more details

Experiencing problems connecting ErgZone to PM5?

Before proceeding, follow all the steps mentioned in the " How to connect" section.

  • Check if wireless is turned on in the PM5 and you have Bluetooth enabled on your phone
  • Don’t start ErgData. PM5 only allows one app to be connected simultaneously via Bluetooth. Better yet, force close the app to ensure it is not connected to the erg.
  • Are you using an HR monitor? If so, then make sure you're using Ant+ instead of Bluetooth.
  • Are there any other erg machines in the same room? Make sure you are selecting the one that displays the exact number.
  • Make sure your PM5 is not in your phone's Bluetooth settings list of paired devices.
    You have to "Forget" the PM5 device if it's there. PM5 uses a different Bluetooth protocol designed for low-energy devices that don't need manual pairing.
  • Check your device's battery mode. In some cases, the device will not connect if battery saving mode is on.
  • Restart your mobile device

iOS devices:

  • You need to allow Bluetooth permission.
    The app prompts you to enable the permission but to make sure everything is correct, go to the iOS settings, search for ErgZone and see if the Bluetooth option is enabled.

Android devices:

  • On Android, disable battery optimization for some specific apps. See this YouTube video showing all the steps you have to take.
  • If you are on Android, you must allow the location permission and have GPS enabled. We don't track any location data, but this is how Android allows the app to connect via BLE (Bluetooth low energy) devices

Are you still experiencing difficulties with an Android device?

Some users in the past reported that pairing and unpairing a Bluetooth device would reset some Android cache. Try this:

  1. Turn PM5 on press the connect button
  2. Go to the Bluetooth settings (where you can pair a new device)
  3. Pair with the PM5 device that shows up on your phone
  4. Unpair that PM5 by forgetting the device.

Another thing to try is to clear your device's Bluetooth cache. Remember that you'll have to pair any Bluetooth devices saved before, like speakers, watches, and others. The PM5 doesn't need to be paired, though. Here are the steps to clear the Bluetooth cache:

  1. Go to the Settings on your Android device.
  2. Select Application Manager
  3. Click the three dots in the top right corner and select All System Apps.
  4. Scroll and tap on the Bluetooth app.
  5. Stop your device’s Bluetooth app by tapping Force Stop.
  6. Next, tap Clear Cache.
  7. Restart your device and try connecting ErgZone again.

Have you updated your Android recently?

We suggest you clear the Bluetooth cache as described above.

Still no success? Join our Facebook Group and ask your questions; someone from the ErgZone team will help you.

Are you experiencing disconnections?

Update PM5 firmware

Check if your PM5 monitor has the most current firmware here:

Concept2 uses firmware updates to add new features to the PM5 and fix known problems. 

Reset PM5 memory 

Remove PM5 batteries for at least 5 minutes and reinstall. 

PM5 will prompt to provide a date and time. This is proof that the memory has been reset. 

Remove the batteries again and wait a little longer if you don't see that prompt. 

Don't worry. It will not reset the logs. 

Check PM5 battery 

Try using a new set of batteries. 

PM5 running on low battery levels can cause random errors. 

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