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Close the ErgZone app

Always remember to force close the ErgZone app before you leave the erg room. 
It will ensure your phone disconnects from the erg. 

Set your 2k time on the app

ErgZone uses the data provided in the benchmark section to calculate the suggested pace for workouts. 

  1. Go to Settings (gear icon on the top left of the ErgZone app)
  2. Scroll down until the "Benchmarks" section
  3. Select Row
  4. Provide your 2k total time 

Connecting ErgZone to PM5

On the PM5:

  1. Turn "Menu" to turn it on
  2. Click "Connect."

On the  ErgZone app:

  1. Open the ErgZone app
  2. Find the workout you want to start
  3. Click "Connect."

  4. Click "Scan For PM5."

  5. Click "Connect."
  6. Wait for the message: "Row to Start."

Can't connect? 

  1. Turn the PM5 (erg monitor) off. 
    Press the "Menu" button 4x (four times). 
  2. Force close (swipe up) the ErgZone app
  3. Reopen ErgZone app 
  4. Turn on the PM5 monitor and try again

Still, having problems? 

Things to check: 

  • Ensure you are selecting the right erg
  • Check Bluetooth is enabled on your phone 
  • If possible, try to move to another erg. If that solves the problem, let a coach know the erg is experiencing problems. 

For more ways to troubleshoot, please check this article: https://help.erg.zone/article/4-how-to-connect

If nothing works, don't hesitate to contact support@erg.zone, and we will help you. :) 

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