How to Connect HRM to ErgZone?

ErgZone reads heart rate (HR) information from the PM5 monitor. For that, you MUST connect your heart rate monitor (HRM) to the PM5 before you connect the ErgZone app to the PM5.

To connect your HR monitor to the PM5, follow the steps:

  1. Put the HR monitor belt on
  2. On the PM5:
    1. Click on the Menu button
    2. Select "Connect"
    3. Select "Connect Heart Rate"
    4. Select the HR;
      1. ANT+ option, if available
      2. It may take several seconds for PM5 to list the HR device.

For more information on how to connect your HRM to PM5, refer to Concept2’s official guide:

Learn how the ErgZone app displays Heart Rate information during and after a workout here

Apple Watch

ErgZone connects to the Apple Watch to receive HR and display it on the PM5.

Learn more about the integration in our Apple Watch Integration article.

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