Groups: Workouts List

A list of all the group's workouts can be found on the ErgZone Web Admin.

The list is ordered in a chronological reverse order and displays the following data:

  • Erg Type (icon);
  • Title;
  • Labels, if present;
  • Results Count - number of times the workout was performed;
  • Status;
  • Published at: workout date;
  • Actions: edit workout, duplicate workout, delete workout, view results.

Follow the steps to view the workout list:

  1. Visit
  2. Sign in
  3. On the Menu, click on the group
  4. Click on the "Workouts" tab

Filtering the List

The workout list can be filtered based on the following criteria:

  • Name or description;
  • Erg type: row, ski, bike, multi, fit;
  • Status: draft, locked, published, race-locked
  • Label

The Erg Type, Status, and Label filters will only display the options associated with a workout.

Bulk Update Workouts

From the workouts list, admins change multiple workouts' "Status" and "Date" simultaneously.

Bulk Update: Date

  1. Select the workouts
  2. Click on Update Date
  3. Select the new Date
  4. Click on the "Save" button

Bulk Update: Status

  1. Select the workouts
  2. Click on Update Date
  3. Select the new Status
  4. Click on the "Save" button

Calendar View

The list of workouts can be viewed as a table or a calendar. Learn more about the Calendar View here.

Duplicate Workouts

ErgZone allows admins to duplicate workouts within the same group or copy a workout to another group. Learn more on this article on our FAQ: Workouts: Duplicate Workouts.

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