How To Copy Workout Between Groups

On the ErgZone App 

The example below will duplicate a workout from "My Workouts" to the "ErgZone Group Test" group.

  1. Open the ErgZone app. 
  2. Find the workout you want to copy to another group. 
  3. Click on the more (3 dots) on the bottom right of the workout card.
  4. Click on the "Duplicate Workout" button
  5. Click on the group logo 
  6. Select the group you want the new (copy) workout to go
  7. Click done 
  8. Click on the "Save." 
On the ErgZone Web Admin
  1. Visit ErgZone Web Admin
  2. Sign in 
  3. On the Menu, click on the group with the workout you want to copy
  4. Click on the "Workouts" tab.
  5. Use the checkbox to select the workouts to be copied
    Note that the system will display how many workouts were selected  
  6. Click on the "Duplicate" button
    A list of groups you manage will be displayed. 
  7. When copying a workout to another group, you have the option to specify the following:
    1. Publish Date:
      Today: set the published date to the current date 
      Original Date: the new workout will have the same Published Date as the original workout
      Choose Date: will open a date picker to select a different date
    2. Status: Draft, Published, or LockedLearn more about workout status here.
    3. Group 
  8. Select the group
  9. Click on the "Save" button. 
  10. You will be redirected to the group where the workouts were copied to

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