ErgZone Challenges

What is the ErgZone Challenge? 

The ErgZone Challenge is a collection of 12 workouts that will go beyond the fixed time or distances we are used to. 

Our goal is to bring innovative ways to score a workout and challenges that aren’t always about the strongest or fastest. 

Is it free? 


When are new challenges released? 

On the 1st day of each month. 

When will the season end?

April 30th, 2024.

Who can participate? 

Everyone with a Concept2 rower, PM5 recommended. 

Do I need to use the ErgZone app?


The leaderboard is hosted on the ErgZone app. 

Can I still participate if I haven’t done the previous workouts?


We launch a new challenge every month, and all workouts will remain open throughout the season. 

Can I do the individual challenges multiple times? 


The app will automatically rank your first attempt. After that, you can choose which one should go to the Leaderboard. 

Do I need a PM5? 


While you can report results manually, for a valid score, the workout must be set correctly on the PM, and some workouts may not be able to be manually programmed. 

Can I skip a workout? 


The leaderboard is based on a points system. 

When you skip a workout, you may be pushed down on the overall Leaderboard but can still compare your performance on each challenge. 

How many challenges have been launched already?

On September 1st, we launched Challenge #5. 

What are the challenges so far? 

#1: 1-minute @20SPM 

Our first challenge is about power at each stroke (20 only). 

This challenge is the one we run at every event we are vendors and is a huge success.

It is simple and fast, 1 minute @20 SPM.

Score: Fastest Pace.

What is the innovation on this challenge?

Rate Cap.

For this challenge, the average rate needs to be 20 or less. Go beyond, and the score will be invalid.

Unique on ErgZone app.

#2: Conquer Consistency in 23! 

The workout is 23 minutes, broken down into 1-minute splits. This one is about consistency at each split.

Your goal is to repeat 22 times the same pace/watts and SPM you did on the 1st split. 

Think about that “perfect” screen. 

Score: 1 point for each time the athlete achieves the same average pace and average rate done on the first interval.

What is the innovation on this challenge?

Match Initial Pace and Rate scoring type available for competitions hosted on ErgZone.

Unique on ErgZone app.

#3: Power Surge

This one is the infamous 500m broken into 5x100m.

Two scores: your best and worst 100m Stroke Power Index (SPI) 

What is the innovation on this challenge?

Scoring based on SPI.

Unique on ErgZone app.

#4: How Far You’ll Go 

The workout is a long workout with a timecap of 6 hours. You choose how far you want to go. 

This one is for those who love sitting on the rower for long. Or for those who want to push themselves out of their comfort zone and row longer than they usually go. 

What is the innovation on this challenge?

Time Cap and unknown distance.

We have never seen this before. Usually, challenges have a fixed time or fixed distance. This one has a maximum time of 6 hours, and you go as far as you can (or want).

#5: Rowing Golf

The famous golf workout we see around the community is better. The app will set up your workout and automatically calculate your score.

What is the innovation on this challenge?

ErgZone assigns points based on a set criteria, in this case, distance.

#6 Triumph

3 Rounds: 

  • 30 seconds work
  • 2 minutes rest

Score: Your maximum (highest) watts.

No rolling start allowed!

What is the innovation on this challenge?

Max Watts scoring type and no rolling start check.

ErgZone added a check for the rolling start.

Learn more on the Rolling Start Check article.

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