Wrong Data During or After a workout

While this is uncommon, users may find wrong data on ErgZone and/or PM5 from time to time. 

There isn't one single cause for that but there is a checklist you may go through to try to avoid it in the future: 

1) PM5 firmware version

Make sure the latest firmware is installed on the PM5. 
This link will tell you what is the latest firmware for your PM5 version and how to update it: https://www.concept2.com/service/monitors/pm5/firmware

2) Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) battery level

HRM with low battery level may disconnect from PM5 more frequently causing a cascading of problems on the PM5 monitor.

3) Remove memory sticks (USB) from the PM5 

A USB on the back of the PM5 during a workout may impact on how PM5 work with apps via Bluetooth 

4) Reset your PM5 internal memory

Remove the batteries from your PM5 for at least 5 minutes. 
You will be prompted to set the correct date/time on the PM5. If you don't see this prompt, please remove the batteries again and wait a little longer. 

This will reset PM5. Don't worry, it will NOT remove your workouts from the memory. 

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