Endurow 2022

Endurow Challenge was a success. 

Together ErgZone users rowed more than 20 hours on the time span of 4. 

We will be back for Endurow Challenge 2023. 

Stay tuned! 

Important information:
  1. Help organizers have a real head count of participants. Register on https://www.endurowchallenge.com/
  2. Tune in on Endurow's Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbjY4JfEa4g8WrUPHBmYl3g/featured
  3. Keep update on their Instagram @endurowchallenge
  4. About the charity https://www.pararowingfoundation.org/


  1. Donate on JustGiving https://justgiving.com/team/endurowchallenge2022

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