How to add users to a group?

Users can request to join the group by visiting the group URL, or the group admin can add the user as described below. 
  1. Visit ErgZone Web Admin
  2. Find and click on the group's name on the menu (left side) 
  3. Select the "Users" tab
  4. In the search(*) by:
    1. username
    2. logbook ID
    3. email
  5. Click on the (+) sign on the user list

    * For privacy reasons, ErgZone will NOT suggest users. For example, if the username is "janedoe," typing "jane" or "doe" will not return any account.
    ** If you can't find the user's account, make sure the user has downloaded ErgZone's app and signed in with their Logbook's account before trying again.

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