How to Connect ErgZone to the RP3

This article describes connecting and disconnecting the ErgZone app to the RP3.

Connecting to the RP3 monitor

ErgZone can connect to the RP3 via Bluetooth.

On the RP3

  1. Pull the handle to turn the monitor on.

On the ErgZone app

  1. Open the ErgZone app.
  2. Find the workout you want to start
  3. Click "Connect."

  4. Click "Scan For Monitor."

  5. ErgZone will list all available RP3s. The closest to the phone is displayed at the top of the list.

    To find the RP3 number, fold the monitor backward.

  6. Choose the RP3 number that matches your monitor.

  7. Click "Connect."
  8. Wait for the message to start: "Row to Start."


We recommend disconnecting the ErgZone app from the RP3 monitor whenever an athlete uses an erg shared with others, such as at gyms, studios, erg room, or even if you share it with another family member. This will ensure their device does not stop other devices from connecting to that RP3.

Force Close the App

When the ErgZone app is force closed, it automatically disconnects from any erg.

Disconnect Button on ErgZone App

When a workout session is finished or stopped, a "Disconnect" button will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

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