23/11/17: ERG WARS 2023

ERG WARS is back! Our friends at Concept Fitness are hosting their second year of ERG WARS on the ErgZone app. Run, bike, ski, or all three! The competition will start on Thanksgiving Day and run for four weeks, and it is FREE. The workouts will be released on Thursdays at noon EST, and competitors will have until Wednesday at 8 PM EST to complete the workout(s).

ErgZone Challenges will pause in December, allowing everyone to participate in ERG WARS. ErgZone challenges will resume in January with an awesome challenge. Get ready!

Click the link in our bio to sign up for the challenge. Good luck! 👍

@conceptfitnessny @ergwars

Sign up for Bike: https://www.erg.zone/join?id=lkFaVlspSE2cjo_K1Fo_Ag

Sign up for Row: https://www.erg.zone/join?id=o7kpvsQiTW2KVRaWqa4iKg

Sign up for Ski: https://www.erg.zone/join?id=Juk_0j-bQz-_Y58OCS41sQ

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