23/12/14 - 100K SkiERG Record

Earlier this year, seven ErgZone users from Latvia got together to set a new record on the Concept2 Ultra-Distance SkiErg Leaderboard for the Small Team 100,000 Meters - Male 20-29 category.

The team consisted of Oto Samuss, Elvis Skrastins, Andrejs Valgers, Kristaps Ginko, Janis Rinmanis, Nauris Petersons, Martins Janis Milovankins, and completed the 100k in 5 hours, 08 minutes and 27 seconds. Rotating approximately every 30 seconds.

Their team coach, Oto Samuss, dreamt big and assembled the toughest crew to conquer the challenge. And they crushed it!

The team shared their experience with us, stating, “ErgZone has become an essential daily app, aiding us in tracking our training progress and helping us achieve our goal during the 100k.”

They are currently gearing up to tackle the Large Team record, fueled by the belief that one can conquer the world with the right support and motivation. The team aptly says, "If you have the right people around you who motivate good things, the whole world is yours."

Good job!

Whether your aim is to set a new Ultra Distance record, achieve improved results in the SkiErg Sprints by 2024, or simply enhance your fitness level, ErgZone is here to assist you.

Share your goals with us, and we'll connect you with a coach who can guide you toward success.

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