23/12/01 - ErgZone Challenge # 7: The Great Pyramid

ErgZone Challenge #7: The Great Pyramid

The Great Pyramid was built with incredible precision, and in this challenge, precision is crucial to a successful finish. Here's the challenge breakdown:

• Thirteen (13) continuous minutes (no rest).

• Every split is one minute long (1:00).

• Rate changes every minute, following this pyramid sequence: 18-20-22-24-26-28-30-28-26-24-22-20-18.

• You choose the wattage/pace for the initial split (first minute).

• Your goal: replicate the same SPI (Stroke Power Index) for the subsequent 12 minutes.


This challenge has a maximum of 13 points.

Earn 1 point for each split you repeat the same SPI as the first minute at the prescribed rate.


• You must finish the 1st split at 18 SPM. Failing to do so will invalidate the whole workout.

• This challenge is not rate-capped. Each minute must be completed at the designated rate. Deviating above or below will invalidate that split.

TIP: While you may choose to monitor any metric during the challenge, we recommend keeping a close eye on SPI and watts.


To help you with targets, once you complete a split, the ErgZone app will calculate and display the required wattage for the next split.

Note: depending on your SPI, going one or two watts above the calculated wattage by ErgZone might result in the correct SPI.

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