Single Piece Workout

A single-piece workout typically refers to a training session where you perform a single continuous effort without structured intervals or breaks. In other words, you work for a set distance, time, or calories.

Single-piece workouts are valuable for improving your performance and assessing your progress.

Single Distance

It is a single-piece workout based on distance.

Examples: 500m, 1k, 2k, and half marathon (21,097m).

Single Time

It is a single-piece workout based on time.

Examples: 4 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour.


A single-piece workout can be broken down into splits.

Breaking a single-piece workout into splits is not required but can help you manage your performance throughout the workout and analyze the performance afterward.

In the example below, a 1k (1000m) was broken into 200m splits.

Note that there is no rest programmed on the workout.

1k broken into 200m splits

Interval Training

Interval training is a structured workout alternating between high-intensity work (work intervals) and periods of lower-intensity recovery or Rest.

For example:

5x 200m

1 minute rest

Note that there is one or more rest periods included in the workout.


Intervals are the segments of a workout. It usually implies there is a rest period between each segment.

In the example above, the workout has five intervals of 200m.


Rest is the period of the workout that you work at a low-intensity recovery or Rest.

Undefined Rest (Und.)

Undefined Rest is a type of Rest not based on a specific time.

This is useful when knowing how long to rest between intervals.

1:1 Rest

Some coaches prescribe a 1:1 rest period. That means you will rest the same amount of time you work.

For example:

5x 200m

Rest 1:1

If it took 50 seconds to row the 1st 200m, you will rest for 50 seconds before starting the next interval.

HIIT workouts

Another use for undefined Rest is HIIT workouts.

For example:

5x 200m

10 Squats

In the example above, every 200m, you will stop and perform 10 squats before starting the next 200m.

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