23/10/12: Feliz Dia das Crianças

Feliz Dia das Crianças! 🇧🇷

Happy Brazilians Kids Day, everyone! 

Growing up in Brazil, we eagerly awaited October 12th as this was a day to feel the extra love everyone carries for kids. We received presents from our parents and calls from our family; we were spoiled and loved. It was a very special day. 

Even though we now live abroad, we brought this tradition to our kid’s lives, and they expect this day anxiously, just as we did. It is magical. 

Children are not just the future; they are the stars of the present. It's a time to embrace their curiosity, creativity, and boundless energy, reminding us of the magic that comes with childhood.

To celebrate this day, we added the 🍿 popcorn emoji to the ErgZone Live. 

Here's the story behind it:

Every now and then, our kids enjoy "working out" on ErgZone, reveling in the changing numbers as they row, ski, or bike. Being tech-savvy and curious, they quickly discovered how to send emojis on the ErgZone Live.

A few weeks ago, while "watching" some friends on ErgZone Live, our kids decided it was the perfect opportunity to kick back on the couch and enjoy some popcorn. This led to their brilliant idea of adding the 🍿to the list of emojis available on ErgZone Live. 

The 🍿is our way of celebrating and honoring the youngest members of our society.

We hope this story fills your day with joy, laughter, and the purest form of innocence. 

Warm hugs, 

Thais & Gabriel 

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