23/05/01: ErgZone Challenge #1 - 1min @20

1min@20SPM: the quickest way to predict your 2k

We’ve been running this same challenge on local regattas and events for over a year now and we learned something with the data.

If you do this challenge the right way, with a stroke every 3 seconds, then the final average pace is very similar to your 2k pace.

Of course, there’s always someone out of the curve, but we’ve seen the majority of the numbers between 95% and 105% of the 2k. Very cool, right?

So if you don’t know your 2k or if it’s a little outdated, give the challenge a try, and you’ll be very surprised how much power you have.

Also, post in the comments what’s your 2k time/pace and your score for the challenge and we can calculate the percentage for you.

Link in bio for more information and don’t forget to use the #ezchallenge hashtag

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