23/09/15: Elixir Conf 2023

Last week, ErgZone joined forces with our amazing friends from Hashrocket to introduce the thrilling ErgZone 1min@20 Rowing Challenge to ElixirConf 2023, a premier gathering for Elixir developers and enthusiasts in sunny Orlando, FL. 🌴☀️

Usually, you'd find us at fitness-related events like regattas, indoor rowing competitions, CrossFit battles, Rowing Conferences, and fitness festivals. But this time, our team stepped out of the fitness realm and into the tech scene, and it was a blast! Having a rowing machine at the Tech Conference Expo was a refreshing change of pace. When Hashrocket's visionary CEO proposed bringing the ErgZone Challenge to ElixirConf, we were thrilled at the idea. Just as rowing has captivated us with its complexity and rich data, we believed it would do the same for the tech-savvy ElixirConf audience and fellow industry enthusiasts.

And guess what? Our optimism was spot on! Attendees flocked to discover the world of rowing, the challenge, and our innovative software. 📈💡

Being at a tech conference gave us the perfect opportunity to delve deep into the technology powering our product. It allowed us to share our unwavering passion for rowing and the incredible erg community with a brand new audience, and that, my friends, was incredibly rewarding. 🙌

We're already counting down the days until the next adventure. Stay tuned, because the ErgZone journey is just getting started! 🌟🚣‍♂️

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