Fall Team Challenge 2022

Fall Team Challenge by @concept2inc starts tomorrow. Collect meters for your team from September 15-October 15. 

Here is what you need to do:

  1.  Join a Team.
    Don't have one? You are welcome on our team: https://log.concept2.com/team/8153
  2. Opt-in to Participate in the Challenge.
    Visit the team's page: https://log.concept2.com/team
    Confirm your participation by clicking on the "Join Fall Team Challenge."
  3. Stay Motivated.
    Join groups on ErgZone to find workouts and work out with other members, and try to beat their performance or your own. 

Find Workouts on ErgZone

Groups and Communities

Our platform offers a series of content, from free workouts, structured programming, training plans, follow-along rowing sessions, workouts created by the community, and more. 

It sure will keep you busy and help you accumulate meters. :) 

Curated Content

Weekly Programming

On ErgZone, you can find ten different groups with content curated and structured by some of the best coaches in the Concept2 erg community.
Those coaches publish a new set of workouts every week. Most of them have a private group on Facebook where you can interact with other members and ask questions. 

Visit the Weekly Programming section on our Catalog to find out more https://www.erg.zone/discover

Training Plans 

How about finding a structured Training Plan to keep you on track?

Visit the Training Plans section on our Catalog at https://www.erg.zone/discover. You can redo the plan as many times as you wish.

Free Content

Some of the best coaches in the community add their curated Workout of the Week - WOW on ErgZone. 

Visit the Discover screen on the ErgZone app to find it; there are more than a dozen options. You may already be a member of some of those groups.

Concept2 Daily Workouts

On ErgZone, you will find Concept2's daily workouts preloaded, including the WOD.
This is free, and each erg has its group; here are the links to join them fast:

Row: https://www.erg.zone/groups/concept2/row
Ski: https://www.erg.zone/groups/concept2/ski
Bike: https://www.erg.zone/groups/concept2/bike

Workout with Other Athletes 

Find someone Live on ErgZone and join them on a workout OR schedule a date to perform one exercise and invite others to join you.

Find someone Live and join their workout.

  1. On the Workouts listing, click on the second filter and select "Live Now" to find someone who is Live in one of your groups and communities.
    1. If you have a track/group/community selected on the top (the circles) it will search only that group. Uncheck it to search across all the groups. 
  2. On the same workout, click "Connect."
  3. Once ErgZone has set up your machine, click the "Live" button on the bottom right of the screen. 
  4. Click on the gear sign to choose what information you want to see during the workout
  5. Go for it.

Schedule to workout with another athlete in a group or community

Anyone in a group can schedule a workout.

Here is how: 

  1. Find the workout you want to schedule
  2. Click on the three dots 
  3. Click on Schedule Live
  4. Provide a title, select date and time 
  5. Click "Save."
  6. Let your friends know

Note: To start the session simultaneously, click on the box with the scheduled time and Open the Workout. It will display a countdown to when to start. 

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