Concept2 PaceRider, PaceRower and PaceSkier

When a workout has a pace set for intervals, the ErgZone app will send it to the PM5, and the monitor will set it for the PaceRider. 

If the workout is a Single Interval broken into splits or an Interval Workout, the PaceRider pace will be set in ALL intervals to the rate prescribed on the first interval. The PM5 controls this, and ErgZone has no means to override that. 

Using the following workout as an example, the PaceRider for all intervals will be set to 2:10.2. 

One way to force PM5 to set a different pace for each interval for the PaceRider is by creating an Interval Variable workout.

ErgZone will set a workout as Interval Variable when at least one interval (or rest) is different from all the others. 

Using the same example, set the last rest interval to at least 1 second longer than the others. 

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